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M&M Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Colors


How many M&M's are in 1lb.?

  • There are approximately 500 individual M&M's in 1lb. . 
  • This will measure out to be about 2 cups worth of candy. 

Does Sweet Be's personalize M&M's?

  • No, Sweet Be's offers 21 different specialty colors of M&M's.
  • We can not add wording or pictures to your M&M's. 

Are the M&M's I am ordering the real Trademarked Candy from Mars?

  • Yes, Sweet Be's only sells the trademarked M&M candies.

What is the minimum order of candy?

  • You have to purchase a minimum of 2 lbs. of M&M's. 
  • This can be broken into various colors which can be either mixed together or bagged separately. 
  • If you want to order multiple color variations, please visit the "Create Your Own Custom M&M's Mix" link.

What if I want 1 lb. of two or more colors?

  • As long as your order totals 2 lbs., you can break the order up into multiple color combinations.
  • Please go to the "Create Your Own Custom M&M's Mix" link.
  • Choose whether you would like them mixed together or separated by color. 

Why does the weight on the website read 1.25 lbs.?

  • We may use extra packaging or ice packs during shipping depending on the weather.  These materials will add extra weight to the package. 
  • You will receive the quantity added to the cart, not the extra .25 lbs.

Does Sweet Be's ship with Ice Packs?

  • Yes, based on weather conditions. 

What if my M&M's melt or are damaged upon arrival?

  • We are happy to work with our customers and shipping companies to ensure your items are delivered in perfect condition.
  • We handle each order on an individual basis. 
  • Please call us at 314-835-1400 to report any problems.

Can I return my M&M or candy order?

  • Unfortunately due to the FDA rules and regulations we can not accept back any candy items once they are out of our facility. 
  • If you need to change or cancel your order please do so before it is shipped out. Call us at 314-835-1400. 
  • Once shipped, we can not make changes or accept returns.

What if I need my M&M's by a certain date or expedited?

  • Please note the date in the comments section during the check out process in which you would like to receive your order.
  • We ship for orders to arrive in 2-5 days but we do have other expedited options available.  Call us at 314-835-1400.

Where should my candy be delivered?

  • We can deliver to your workplace or home.
  • We recommend that you have all candy orders shipped to an address where someone will be at time of delivery.
  • We recommend you bring the package inside right away, out of the heat or cold.